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How is the DPF Removal done?
To remove the DPF we need to read the original software from your vehicle's ECU.  We use an interface to our dedicated laptop system and can remove all DPF structures in the software.  We can then programme the software to the ECU, remove the DPF from the vehicle and the temperature and pressure sensor removed from the exhaust (or we can leave it in if you want the vehicle to look like a stock arrangement/original).  Once this process has been undertaken the vehicle will no longer attempt regenerations and no black smoke will appear, no DPF check light or engine management light will illuminate and you will have noticeably better MPG!
What is a DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter)?
European manufacturer standards have made particulate filters as commonplace in diesel vehicle exhausts as catalytic converters are in petrol ones.  They were introduced to reduce diesel particulate (soot) emissions by around 80% and they work just like a 'trap', catching bits of soot in the exhaust.  Think of the bag in the vacuum cleaner; just like with any filter they have to be emptied regularly to maintain performance.  For a DPF this process is known as 'regeneration' where the collected soot is burnt off at a high temperature to leave a tiny ash residue.
Regeneration can take place automatically on motorway-type runs when the exhaust temperature is high for long periods of time.  Most cars don't get this sort of regular use and so manufacturers designed 'active' regeneration where the ECU (engine management computer) takes control of the process.  If your journeys are normally short and around town the warning light will illuminate which usually indicates that the DPF is partially blocked.  If the light is ignored soot will continue to build up and other dashboard lights will illuminate too.  At this point the car will have to go to a garage equipped with the diagnostic tools to perform this 'regeneration'.  Continuing to ignore the warning lights could lead to a new DPF being required which could cost you in the region of £1,000-£2000
DPF Delete/ Removal
We can now offer a DPF removal service.  This usually requires us to have your vehicle for a few hours, remove the exhaust and the particulate filter, re-programme your ECU and install DPF removal software.  This option removes the need for constant regeneration costs or the possibility of having to replace your DPF altogether.
EGR Delete
We can even turn off the EGR Valve in the programming so you never have to replace an EGR Valve ever again saving you lots of money in the process. It is also very common to find this also improves how your engine drives and feels.
We can disable your Adblue in your trucks for you. We do this by making changes to the Ecu.
The benefits of this are fairly obvious as you no longer have to buy Adblue for your trucks saving you alot of money in the process.
The way that we make the changes in the Ecu mean that there will not be problems taking it to your dealers for servicing as no fault codes will be stored in the vehicle and it will not show up as being inactive.
Most people take advantage of us doing this removal and opt for an economy tune at the same time which means benefiting from increase in torque and performance and increases in your FUEL ECONOMY.

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