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Are you looking for a new turbocharger, spare parts or turbocharger repair?

      Genetic Motorsport is your choice because we are professional in the diagnostics of turbochargers, defect detection and removal, as well as finishing, including electronic actuators, to keep your car running smoothly. We keep our customers, so we strive to get the best!

      Although positioned in Bourgas, we at Genetic Motorsport serve not only local clients in the region and the country, but also those in the world!

      Our service is equipped not only with all the standard equipment you would expect to see but also with machines that you will find hard to find in one place: a low-speed turbo balancing machine, a high-speed turbo balancing machine up to 300,000 rpm, known in the industry such as the VSR, our modern FLOW Bench - G3, recognized as one of the best in the world for calibrating turbo VNT geometries and calibrating actuators, including electronic actuators. This, along with our various electronic machines and diagnostic instruments for testing and calibration of turbochargers, as well as our access to full CNC designing, combined with years of experience in turbocharger repairing, the production of hybrid powertrain turbochargers, you must be the first your choice for all your problems or issues related to the repair, sale, setup, production of hybrid turbochargers and power projects.

      We at Genetic Motorsport specialize not only in the repair and restoration of turbochargers, but also in the sale of new original turbochargers, original spare parts from proven leaders in the industry.

      Our experience in the world of turbochargers covers - light, light and commercial vehicles, as well as tractors and others. With Garrett's OE suppliers, Borg Warner, Holset, Mitsubishi Turbo and Toyota, we can guarantee the quality of the turbocharger's recovery. You will be pleasantly surprised by how good a price we can offer along with the perfect quality and warranty!

      We at Genetic Motorsport offer various tuning companies not only Chiptuning File Servce & Development, but also turbochargers, turbocharger parts, and turbocharged avant-garde and finished CHRA hybrid turbochargers. They may be "unmarked," which allows you to designate the unit as its own.

      If you are looking for a true replacement for OE turbochargers, we are again the professionals you need.

      The brand-new turbocharger delivered by Genetic Motorsport may in some cases be 10% to 20% less expensive than the dealer's main price or other distributors and repairers offering the same item. This does not change the quality and warranty you get ... Try it!

      If you are told you need a new turbocharger or turbocharger parts, or if you are a service partner, and you need something to do with turbocharger, recycling, hybrid turbomachines, geometry, actuator, etc., then then WE are the right choice!

      Genetic Motorsport are ready to offer you the best quality at the best price and guarantee the warranty for defective turbochargers - without excuses and no questions to build trust and long-term partnerships with SAC - our customers, make sure you have done the right choice to rely on us!

      Reception for repair and diagnosis:
        Burgas, Todor Alexandrov Blvd.
        phone: 0883420038


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