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Hybrid turbos

The hybrid turbocharger is a turbocharger that is unconventional but in particular combines parts of different frame sizes and, in some cases, from different manufacturers such as:











Our hybrid turbochargers can be designed and modified in many different ways; this can be as simple as installing a 360-degree bearing or even less exciting but a "full sealing ring" of the "Staggered Gap", and not so simple when installing another compressor wheel, changing the shaft or changing the working position of the VNT mounting geometry geometry. If this is done, the technical turbocharger is a hybrid because it differs from the manufacturer's standard specification and therefore can no longer be considered a standard turbocharger, but other possible changes such as:

Larger, stronger bearing allows for higher pressure, stronger axle, larger compressor wheel, and more.










For more information or questions about building a Hybrid Turbo, do not hesitate to contact us.

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