Genetic MotorSport - Чип тунинг

Remap DSG DQ/200/ DQ250 & DQ500

Genetic Motorsport can offer its customers chip tuning of all automatic gearboxes DSG DQ200 / DQ250 / DQ500 and GS19 by OBD of Audi / Seat / Skoda / VW.
DSG chip tuning is a great addition to the already made chip tuning Motor Electronics, giving the driver full control in manual / sport mode, and allows full use of the range of engine power.
Chip Tuning DSG transmission provides the following advantages:
  • Faster switching between gears.
  •  Launch Control activated at speeds required by the customer
  • Increase the torque set in the factory software to 500 Nm Please note: these limits are hardware limitations, but as software limits set by the manufacturer. As with all our software, our tincture of DSG software works within the allowable safety set by the factory.
  • - Transmission display switch is turned on. (depending on model)
  • - Kickdown is disabled, giving more control over the car, the car will no longer select gears manually, providing the driver has full control.
  • - Automatic switching of a gear is also prohibited, allowing the driver to shift gears as and when they want. Giving more control to the driver and allows the full potential of the power to see the car.

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