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Turbochargers sale

      Genetic Motorsport is your choice in diagnosing turbochargers, detecting defects and removing them, and finishing tuning to keep your car running and running smoothly because we are professional. We keep our customers, so we strive YOU to get the best!

      Genetic Motorsport has in stock the popular turbochargers   from the manufacturers Garrett, Borg Warner, Holset,   Mitsubishi, IHI, which are used for cars, trucks, trucks,   construction machines, ships and etc.

     Here you can buy a new, recycled turbocharger, repair kits,   actuators, electronic actuators and a second-hand turbocharger.

     New and recycled turbochargers benefit from a warranty of 6   months to 1 year. Genetic Motorsport has a large availability of   turbochargers, repair kits, actuators, electronic actuators, VNT   stock geometries, so we can fully meet your needs in the   shortest possible time!

     In recent years the Bulgarian consumer's confidence in the recycled turbochargers has increased significantly because we do not just repair them and we do them NEW !!!

We can deliver everything you need, as the delivery of a new turbocharger that is not in stock is in the frame only a few business days from the date of its order .

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