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We at Genetic Motorsport Tm have the honor to offer our customers a new and unique service, namely:
Cloning or repairing ALL of the BMW Group computers that use exactly - CONTINENTAL SIMOS- MSD80 / MSD81 / MSD85 / MSD87 / MSV90!
The CONTINENTAL SIMOS-MSD80 / MSD81 / MSD85 / MSD87 / MSV90 computers are built into:
  • BMW - 1 Series
  • BMW - 3 Series
  • BMW - 5 Series
  • BMW - 6 Series
  • BMW - 7 Series
  • BMW - X 1/3/5/6 Series
  • BMW - Z4 Series
  • Rolls Royce - RR4 / RR5 / RR6 Series
* CONTINENTAL SIMOS- MSD80 / MSD81 / MSD85 / MSD87 / MSV90 - used in BMW Group gasoline engines
Some ECUs are password protected. Without the correct password, it is not possible to unlock them for reading / writing in the bootloader. The password is recorded in two locations - one is an internal CPU that can not be read or changed, and the other is IROM (PFLASH). They must be Synchronized at any time.
In order for these ECUs to be properly cloned, it is necessary to change the password in the IROM.
Through this service, we are doing Genetic Motorsport Tm with a clone of 1: 1 with the original computer.
Genetic Motorsport Tm supports 100% Cloning / Recovery solution for the following computers (ECUs):
  • BMW MSD80
  • BMW MSD81
  • BMW MSD85
  • BMW MSD87
  • BMW MSV90
It is not so important here that the computer is 100% the same Hardware Number (HW number) but it must be
The same Model, Motor and Horsepower, as well as in the same production period! If it's the same Hardware Number (HW Number), then after our intervention and clone service, you get the ready-made computer (ECU) that directly puts on the car and start it ,with that service you saves large costs for new computers, redirects ISN code into other modules, module synchronization and accompanying dangers!
If you have such a problem feel free to contact us !

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