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Turbocharger Clean and Service

Prevention, cleaning and tuning of a strong turbo - is it necessary?
The turbocharger is, by its very nature, a very robust component. Because of poor fuel and improper combustion or improper operation, such as improper handling and bad oils and filters, its operation may be impaired without itself being damaged. Almost 100% of all modern diesel cars have the so-called "variable geometry turbo" that regulates and directs the flow of gases. Unfortunately, variable geometry is very susceptible to blocking, resulting in turbocharger hazards and engine performance degradation. Because of poor fuel, poor performance or too quiet driving, it blocks and the turbo can not work properly. In this situation, the turbo is completely robust, but its predefined parameters are not working because of the blocked variable geometry. The only solution in this case is cleaning the geometry or, in other words, the prevention of the turbocharger. With quality and timely prevention, you will save extra costs and extend the life of the turbo. There are many suggestions for cleaning turbochargers and prophylaxis, but unfortunately in many places only things are overwhelmed or are done halfway because of the lack of turbochargers.
Geneti Motorsport offers quality and supportive care that is described in the following stages of work:
1. Pre-diagnosis of the car, proving the need for turbo prophylaxis, having diagnostics at the dealer level, which guarantees the correct problem finding.
2. Careful dismantling of the turbo, turbochargers, collectors and EGR, because we check everything!
3. Disassembling the turbocharger, the turbine slips are detached from the central unit, the actuator is dismantled. Variable geometry is disassembled into components.
4. Rough details (snails), collectors, pipes are washed from oil soot, etc. in an ultrasonic bath with which we have.


5. Fine sanding on our sand blasting substrate, using abrasives that do not damage the aluminum parts!
6. Follow all the cleaned parts. If there are no strokes, injuries, overheating or mechanical damage, everything is prepared for re-assembly.
7. Before everything is fully assembled, we test the central body of our VSR TurboShot which has a 300,000 rpm range to ensure that we can test the turbo in optimal operating conditions. So we check if the turbo is still properly balanced and there is no oil leak. If necessary, the balance is calibrated again.
8. After successful tests, assemble everything in the starting position.
9. Perform a test for proper actuator operation (pneumatic or electronic) and check all turbochargers with our Flow Bench - G3 leader worldwide guaranteeing a 100% successful finish. If necessary or deviated, we set the turbocharger on factory specifications to allow the vehicle to move without anomalies, dents and power deficiencies.
10. The finished turbo is mounted on the vehicle by our team.
11. A final road diagnosis is made in real service to prove the trouble-free operation of the turbine.

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