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EDC17/MED17 OTP clone & IMMO OFF

Genetic Motorsport can now offer its client-clone computers from generation EDC17 / MED17 OTP Clone & IMMO OFF!
After extensive research, development and thanks to the apparatus at our disposal, we Genetic Motorsport can offer now to our customers not only cloning for all Bosch ECU EDC 17 / MED 17 and other brands. Due to increasing demand of customers seeking ECU second-hand told us that we must find a safe and effective method for cloning ECU second hand and which we can already offer.
Genetic Motorsport can now safely clone data from one ECU to another by making a direct clone of the old ECU. If the old ECU is damaged it might be more difficult, but in most cases it is still possible.
In particular, the scope of the ECU to EDC17 and MED17 can be directly cloned within two hours, which means for our customers that they can send us ECU-th to us from all over the world dase advantage of our special service for cloning.
Possible cloning ECU in other brands of ECU as Delphi and Siemens but require different methods. For more information on cloning ECU please do not hesitate to contact us.cloning ECU please do not hesitate to contact us.

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