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Turbo Repair

Repair of turbochargers

In the past few years consumer confidence in the recycled turbocharger has increased significantly.

Turbocharger Repair (TK) is a complex process involving several stages.

      I. DEFECTATION AND DAMAGE ESTABLISHMENT - after opening the TK, each component (bearing, axle, compressing fin, hulls - aluminum and cast iron) is examined and analyzed in detail. Depending on the wear of the various elements, it is determined whether the compressor is being repaired and the possible causes of the damage. Therefore, each repair is individual and depends on which part is "fit" and the possibility of replacing other "unfit".


      1. Repair Kit; Repair Kit; this repair type is subject to any TK that is within acceptable wear, that means that the main components are unaffected by mechanical damage. On its own, the repair kit contains (bushings, axial bearing, segments, flangers, seals).

      * Genetic Motorsport uses only Oreginal RCs from proven industry leaders such as MELETT, TURBORAIL and others.

      2. Partial repair - repair including item 1 as well as replacement of certain parts (axle, bearing body, compressing blade, disk to the compressing part, snails) which are worn above the permissible norms.

      3. Replacing a working cartridge (C.H.R.A.) - Replacing a working cartridge means almost complete replacement of TK, as CHRA is the main and only mechanical element in the compressor. This means that the only fittings are the donkey snail (aluminum and cast iron).

      III. CLEANING - after performance of I follows a quality cleaning of the old fittings and their collection in a complete turbine. The latter is preceded by a balance of the central work cartridge.

      IV. BALANCE - The balancing takes place on a highly specialized VSR bench to ensure the precise operation and long use of the turbocharger

      V. Air Flow and VNT Variable Geometry Setup and Training / Electronic Actuator Training - with FLOW Bench -G3!


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