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ECU clone PCR2.1 - Audi / Vag group

We at Genetic Motorsport Tm have the honor to offer our customers a new and unique service now:
Clone or Repair ALL PCs from the AUDI / VAG group that use exactly - CONTINENTAL SIMOS-PCR2.1!
CONTINENTAL SIMOS-PCR2.1 computers are built into:
  • AUDI - 1.6 TDI CR
  • VAG - 1.6 TDI CR
  • Seat - 1.6 TDI CR
  • Skoda 1.6 TDI CR
In order to be able to perform the service 100%, you must provide us with the Original Computer from the car and the new (second hand) that you have purchased, necessarily the two computers must have the same HW (hardware number) - which guarantees that we will take everything perfectly ! Cloning is done without transferring eeprom , mpc , flash , etc. without any hardware interference on your computer! We have access to everything we need to do the service because we have facilities and solutions that guarantee us success!
* Once the cloning is done, it is only necessary to refill the car with dealer diagnostics such as VAS PC / ODIS engineering! If you do not have the equipment or the original FRF, we can offer and get it!


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