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Remap TOYOTA ,Lexus, Mitsubishi

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Genetic Motorsport team is pleased to present to its clients:
  • Remap TOYOTA DENSO, Lexus, Mitsubishi - all petrol and diesel models from 2002 to date.
  • We can offer:
  • Ecu Remap On-OBD tuning without the need for disassembly and dismantling of the motor computer.
  • A software removal of DPF / EGR / Swirl flaps / Lambda OFF, no emulators etc.
  • Ecu cloning And programming at Denso Ecu's defective or problematic ones.

100% guaranteed software solutions for Mazda DPF, Mitsubishi DPF, Toyota DPF, Lexus DPF, Opel DPF, Subaru DPF and others. with "Denso" electronics.

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